Brother International: Customer Reference Video

With revenues of more than $1 billion, Brother International Corp. is one of the premier providers of products for the home, home office, and office. Learn how the company is using SAP solutions to streamline processes, track product usage, and lower total cost of ownership.

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    • Brother International has been an SAP/CRM customer since 2000. We started our project back in January of 2001, so we're kind of a long standing CRM user. We started out with Release 2.0B, went up to 2.0C, currently run 3.0, which we have been running for the last two years. And we're now in the process of upgrading to the latest release of CRM 2005. We'll keep all the elements of CRM that we've had in the past, the interaction center, campaign management, order entry, Internet selling, activity monitor, mobile sales. And then we're going to now extend and add on some pretty heavy work in service management. So we're looking for a lot of advantage, a lot of additional capability in terms of being able to support our products in the field through the use of service management. The area on the service side that gives us the most advantage will be for warranty processing, warranty management. Also for installed base. In one of our operations, it is extremely important to us to know by serial number what location each product has so that we can trace the usage of that product. The integration that we're moving towards and have always been moving towards with the SAP solutions is to really continue to drive out those pieces of applications or processes that never really fit into the overall scheme of how we wanted to develop our business. So that the logical extension of each upgrade – and it not only is in CRM, for us it's in APO, it's in Business Warehouse, it's in the R3 product. We look to continually strengthen the way we support our business. We looked very, very strongly at TCO, those three letters that people talk about, and the fewer variables we can have in our environment, we feel are extremely critical in maintaining exceptionally low total cost of ownership.
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