Statoil: Customer Reference Video

Based in Stavanger, Norway, Statoil is an integrated oil and gas company located in 33 countries. See how Statoil is using SAP xRPM to integrate its different practices and methodologies at its plants into one common process.

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    • Statoil is an oil and gas company that’s located in 33 countries. We have an annual turnover of over 300 billion NOKs with 26,000 employees we are the third largest crude oil deliverer in the world, net sales. We started actually using SAP in the methanol area that was like a pilot run. Then they decided that they were going to have a core player implementation. So we first in 1996 went for implementation at 3.1H and then we did an upgrade of 4.6C. And that’s where we are standing right today. Currently we’re doing an upgrade on a HR system to the UCC5.0 and I am personally responsible for xRPM implementation of the 2.0 solutions. We first looked at xRPM and first we did a test of it and found out that it had the necessary functionality that we needed actually to manage our portfolio. That’s why we picked xRPM. The reason for selecting xRPM as a tool is that different business units have different practices, different methodology, and tools to actually manage their portfolios in. Management wanted to have one common tool and one common process of manning all modifications on plants. That’s the reason that we picked xRPM and also the fact that we use SAP PS and the rest of the SAP solution that it’s the best solution we can go for actually, of course, is a totally integrated solution. The tool also has the flexibility that we needed when we tested it. SAP xRPM will enable Statoil to optimize our plant improvement work process and also enable us to have one common practice when it comes to plant improvements on plants and operation. By implementing xRPM, it’s also trying to identify projects, for example, that have similar procurement activities, for example, lifeboat projects and etc. Before we could have similar projects going on in different plants we wouldn’t know about it. So when we do procurement activity now, we have the ability to coordinate this effort and get a better price and also get more value for our money. One of the main things that really is appealing to our users is actually the usability of xRPM. The integration through the portal gave it total new experience for the users. It’s completely different from the traditional R/3 that’s not really God’s gift to man though and so the portal is a huge elevation of the usability of the product. That also makes it a lot easier to sell it into the users and the customers and the management team because there’s a user interface that you actually understand, and it’s intuitive.
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