Smiths News: Customer Testimonial Video

Smiths News is the leading wholesaler of newspapers and magazine in the United Kingdom. Learn how the company is using SAP NetWeaver to realize rapid return on investment, improve key performance indicators, achieve significant financial benefits, and take the company in a new direction.

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    • WH Smith News is the foremost newspaper/magazine wholesaler and distributor in the U.K. The only way we could enable completely different mind shift in looking at our business processes, was to look at a toolset that enabled our people was to look at a toolset that enabled our people to take a completely different view on our business. We then went through a process of finding the right IT toolset that would fit the new architecture that we had designed for the business. After quite a lengthy process, we finally settled on SAP, because it was the only one that would give us a fully integrated system across every single business process and gave us the best-practice processes that we could adopt straight out of the box. WH Smith News has adopted SAP Exchange Infrastructure as its integration platform of choice. We have seen significant financial benefits in cutting out value-added networks and in getting core application-to-application integration right first time with a platform that's repeatable and quick to deliver. WH Smith News is now adopting a service-oriented architecture. This is enabling us to be a lot more collaborative with our publishers and our retailers – the top end and bottom end of our supply chain. Service-oriented architecture is enabling our retailers to be a lot more self-sufficient and self-service-oriented. We are now providing added-value services that both integrate back into our own back-office systems and integrate into our retail-partner systems without having to spend huge amounts of time and huge amounts of effort in that integration process. The three key areas that SAP has added most of its value is around operational efficiency, around the ability to have accurate and timely data, and around providing service excellence to our retail partners. Operational efficiency, being able to see the product through the entire supply chain, has enabled us to reduce our waste-and-shrink figure year on year by over 80%. That figure alone justified an ROI case that paid for SAP within three years. This has given us the platform to significantly change the strategic direction of the business, and significantly change the added value that we give to publishers and retailers. We are now at the stage that we need to adopt an ERP II approach. We've taken all the operational efficiencies that we can find. We're now looking at all the new SAP products powered by NetWeaver that will now give us strategic advantage into the future. Prior to implementing SAP in 1996, WH Smith News was consistently the worst performing wholesaler in the U.K. industry. Since adopting SAP, we top the table on every single key performance indicator in every single service-level-agreement metric with both our publisher and our retailer partners. Our people have put all the hard work in. SAP has enabled our people to significantly change the culture of the business.
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