Maines Paper and Food Service: Customer Reference Video

Maines Paper and Food Service Inc. is among the largest foodservice distributors in the United States. Learn how the company is using SAP ERP to implement financial best practices, automate processes, improve procurement, realize productivity gains, and more.

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    • Maines is a family owned business incorporated in 1919. Third generation, it's about a $2.2 billion dollar company in the food industry. We have a presence in about 40 states. Predominately, our customers are Wendy's, Burger King, Darden. The company itself had a legacy system of about 14 years old. Lot of code, lot of changes layered onto the base implementation. It was not only a technological decision to go forward with a new product, but also the fact is that the legacy system had a very poor financial footprint. So they needed to bolster up the financial visibility within the company. We didn't intend to go into looking for an enterprise system, but after comparing several packages, SAP was the best choice and set our pathway to implement and replace the full gambit of packages within the company. We went live with finance and HR just recently. And the next phase will address our procurement piece. We intend to do some centralization of our best practices. Actually, change a lot of our current pricing scenarios or pricing algorithms and streamline it for best practice. That will be a result in some centralization of headcount and some better focus from our procurement people on the business itself, as opposed to just maintaining the manual systems they have today. We're implementing some scanning capabilities and some archiving of documents, which is speeding up the process of accounts payable, accounts receivable, capital expenditures. And we're keeping track of all of our workflows electronically, as opposed to what used to be a "sneaker-net" and different-colored paper stapled together and walking its way through the company. So we're seeing a lot of productivity gains. The biggest benefits for Maines using SAP implementation in the ERP package is automation of the current processes and actually engineering of the current processes for best practice, reduction of overhead, and actually streamlining the company. In this industry you've got to be fast to pick up the business and keep the business and offer your client base a lot of options. And SAP gives us that breadth and that flexibility. Working with SAP is always refreshing. I believe it's the best software company in the world, personally. It's professional. They believe in enhancing the return on investment for each customer. And they won't let you fail.
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