Saladino's Inc.: Scaling to Support Business Growth

Saladino's Inc. is a growing foodservice distribution company, based in California. Learn how this innovator is using SAP Business All-in-One to reduce costs, gain greater efficiencies, leverage best practices, and adapt to change and growth.

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    • Saladinos is a food service distributor located in Fresno, California. We're a $350 million company. The main challenges that we faced were the inflexibility of our current ERP system, the ability to scale as the business grew over the last several years, and the need for a warehouse management system. When Saladinos was looking for an ERP package, we were looking for specifically a flexible and scalable package that we could grow into, being a midsized company. We were looking for a package that had an integrated warehouse management system. When we started our ERP search, we looked at SAP but didn't feel that it was going to be a fit. We had the idea that it was for large companies. When we actually started speaking with SAP, we found that they had a very feasible and affordable solution for a midsized company and that we could take advantage of a lot of the things that the larger companies use. Saladinos partnered with SAP to allow us to expand more rapidly than we've been able to. We opened up a new distribution center this time last year, and it was a major struggle for us to get our current ERP system up to speed. We had to do a lot of modifications, and it cost us a lot of money to do that. We feel that with SAP, we'll be able to easily expand and grow into the system without the need for modifications. Many of the reasons that we chose SAP were its flexibility, its ability to configure it without needing to write a lot of code and modifications, for its industry knowledge, specifically that we have a lot of vendors that we deal with that are also running SAP, which will allow us to integrate easily with them. We are anticipating being able to become much more efficient with our warehousing, as we don't currently use warehouse management, and implementing warehouse management should save us a lot of time and cost in the warehouse. We feel that implementing SAP will help us competitively by reducing our costs not only in the warehouse but on the transportation side, as we look forward torolling out direct-store delivery and making that process paperless. Working with SAP has been very easy. We feel like we've actually found a partner, unlike with what we've had in the past. And they've been very accommodating and open with us about their capabilities. SAP's knowledge in the wholesale industry was extremely valuable to us. We learned early on that they had a preconfigured best practices template that we could use to speed up our implementation and allow us to have hopefully 80% to 90% of the configuration done before we started, which allowed us to roll out very rapidly. To sum up our experience with SAP, it's been a very pleasant experience. We feel that SAP understands our industry and our challenges. And specifically being a midsized company, we feel that even though SAP has been traditionally for very large companies, it has been a very cost-effective and enjoyable experience.
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